■ Ultra low phase noise 10MHz master clock generator

All digital audio equipment performs D/A conversion at clock timing. The quality of the clock directly affects the sound quality. Connecting a high-performance master clock brings about an overwhelming improvement in sound quality.
PMC-05EX provides ultra high performance 10MHz master clock for D/A conversion. It brings completely natural, wide and deep sound stage and quite focused sound image.

■ Clock Unit Vibration Isolation

The clock unit is not fixed to the enclosure, but is mounted on the bottom plate of the enclosure by spikes. Vibrations from the enclosure are not transmitted to the clock generator, supporting high-quality clock transmission.

■ Three output terminals

PMC-05EX has one BNC and two SMA 50ohm output. Output signal is square wave.  

■ Size

390(W) x 327(D) x 105(H)