Network Player / USB DAC

■ Roon Ready

Being Roon Ready means that SFORZATO uses Roon streaming technology, for an
incredible user interface , simple setup, rock-solid daily reliability, and the highest levels
of audio performance, without compromise.

■Network Player and USB DAC

DSP-05EX has LAN and USB input. It can be used as network player and also as USB DAC.  

■SFP Port

LAN input is SFP. Inserting appropriate SFP transceiver module, copper LAN cable and also fiber LAN cable can be used.

■ D/A Convertor

2 (one is for L ch, one is for R ch) ESS flagship D/A convertor chip ES9038Pro is populated in the DSP-07EX. It gives wide and deep sound stage.

■ External Clock

DSP-05EX does not have internal clock. 10MHz external clock is necessary to operate. Ultra low phase noise clock module is included in the box. PCM series gives higher sound quality.

■ Power Supply

2 big troidal transformers (one for digital and the other is for analog) are populated. Powerful power supply gives stability of sound.

■ Supported Format

PCM: 44.1kHz – 768kHz, DSD64 – DSD512

■ Size

Main: 390(W) x 327(D) x 85(H) Sub: 390(W) x 327(D) x 103(H)